Jump2Help is looking for your support

The story…

On January 1st, 2015, 9:39pm, I  became a father…

…A father who didn’t get a chance to experience my daughter’s laugh, cry, or watch her growing up… Elena Jane never opened her eyes… My amazing partner and mother of our daughter – Vanessa – shared our story within her blog

We’ve received an incredible support from our family, friends and co-workers including so much needed generous contribution to A Little Lifetime Foundation – voluntary organization, supporting parents who have lost their new-born babies.

Nothing will bring our daughter back… but with so many little ones born and in need of medical attention, the idea was born to continue raising so much needed funds… this time for the Children’s Hospital.

My work-friend Tommy, who is actively engaged in supporting various charities, was easily convinced by me to jump out of the plane… Jump2Help was born… With that… we will jump high and hope to raise as much as possible with a goal to handle a cheque to Dublin’s Cardiology & Cardiac Surgery Unit in Crumlin Hospital on June 1st 

Help these kids to celebrate the International Children’s Day on June 1st. Help us raise these much needed funds!


While we prepare for getting out of the plane from over 10 000 ft., we need your support! Share this page with your friends, loved ones and anyone who would like to contribute. Our commitment is to cover the cost of the skydive personally…this means ALL your contributions will reach Cardiology & Cardiac Surgery Unit

Nothing can bring back to life those who are gone… there are lots of little souls though who have a chance… let’s give them this chance! Please donate any amount by clicking on the below button!

You can make a difference! “Jump2Help” and donate for the little kids who are fighting strong to survive.

Donate Button with Credit Cards

Your contribution is hugely appreciated! Check our Facebook page where we share the progress and  will post photos following the skydive jump!

Damian & Tommy





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